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Natural Finish :

All Sandpoint Teak Garden Furniture is made of A grade natural teak wood and has a natural sanded finish. There is no stain or finish. Finishing Teak with a stain is unnecessary if for use as outdoor furniture. Teak is the perfect wood for outdoor furniture because of its ability to withstand the elements. Teak makes great long-lasting outdoor furniture because of its high content of natural oils. The natural oils serve as a protective barrier against the elements as well as termites and pests. When you leave teak furniture outdoors uncovered for a period of time you will see the warm honey color evolves over time to an attractive silvery grey. Though the color changes the
integrity of the wood does not.

Oiling Teak :

If you are using your teak garden furniture outdoors and uncovered it is not necessary to treat with more teak oil and definitely not with a stain. The reason for natural vs. oiled for teak furniture being used outdoors is :

Oiled / Stained Teak furniture used outdoors is more susceptible to mold
and mildew

As wood ages the coloring becomes more uneven.

Oiling and particularly staining will need regular annual time consuming refinishing.

However we cannot deny the beauty of fresh teak wood. So if you choose to oil your teak furniture we highly recommend using it indoors where no maintenance is required after oiling. No matter what you decide, with proper care and maintenance your teak furniture will last for years and years to come.

Sustainably Harvested High Grade Teak Wood


Welcome to Teak Direct. We design, manufacture , and distribute teak outdoor patio furniture to our customers around the US from our wholly owned and operated facility. We offer a turnkey system of privately branded premium quality teak outdoor furniture to our business customers at direct import pricing.

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