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 About Legal Wood Certification Indonesia,

All Hardwood furniture imported by Sandpoint Teak LLC has Legal Wood Certification (SVLK Certification).

The Indonesian Government strictly regulates the export for all wood products and since January 2013 the Ministry of the Forestry and Ministry of Trade of the republic of Indonesia has enforced and imposed the Indo-TLAS/SVLK scheme to assure the International timber market of the legality of its timber products. Since then the Indonesian government strictly regulates the export for all wood.

SVLK Certification Explained- Indonesia's timber legality assurance system

 SVLK is a certification system that provides assurance that all process of harvesting, transportation, processing, and selling of timber products come from sustainably managed forests and plantations.
The Indonesian Timber Legality assurance System (Indo-Tlas)/System Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) is based on a certification approach as “operator-based licensing”. In order to obtain the “V-Legal” documents & SVLK certification complying factories are audited and inspected each year regarding the legality of the operations and process by a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). Each log bought is numbered and will include documents regarding its origin, and the results of its cutting is also registered and numbered ao that
there are no concealed practices of adding wood that has been illegally purchased. In addition each plantation and forestry concession is audited and inspected to assure that all wood is harvested under conditions of sustainability

Sustainably Harvested High Grade Teak Wood


Welcome to Teak Direct. We design, manufacture , and distribute teak outdoor patio furniture to our customers around the US from our wholly owned and operated facility. We offer a turnkey system of privately branded premium quality teak outdoor furniture to our business customers at direct import pricing.

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