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Teak has been used extensively in the ship and boatbuilding industry for centuries. It is one of the strongest , hardest , and longest lasting woods which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture.

Weather and Pest Resistance – Teak Wood contains natural oils that repel water. Teak can withstand the effects of rain , snow, and sun and without losing any strength. This same oil acts as a repellent against termites and all wood boring insects.

Low Maintenance – All our teak garden furniture has a natural sanded finish and requires very little maintenance other than the occasional cleaning with soap and water and a soft brush.

Long Lasting – Teak woods durability make it the perfect choice for outdoor garden furniture. From still functioning century old park benches in England to 2000 year old intact teak objects found in India teak is a proven material for long term outdoor use.

Beauty – Teak starts off a rich honey brown and as it weathers over time turns a beautiful silvery grey.

Sustainably Harvested High Grade Teak Wood


Welcome to Teak Direct. We design, manufacture , and distribute teak outdoor patio furniture to our customers around the US from our wholly owned and operated facility. We offer a turnkey system of privately branded premium quality teak outdoor furniture to our business customers at direct import pricing.

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